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Replacement or Service Price 45 EUR

8-04-18 last update price
60 minim replacement time
120 maxim replacement time

MacBook Hard Drive Upgrade #

Difficulty :
Steps Labor :
Quality Item :
90 Days
Guarantee :
Compatibility :
Model Number :
OEM Part NR :
Available Colors :
Item Condition :
You want a larger hard disk in your Macbook
You want to install a SSD in your Macbook
Your current hard disk is not working

Whether you just need more space on your Macbook hard drive, your current hard drive has died or you want to upgrade to a fast SSD hard drive, we can install your new Macbook hard drive for you. We can even copy your old disk to your new one so your Macbook will remain exactly the was it is now.

The service price includes the labor cost of installation of your new disk. The cost of the hard disk is not included.

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